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Service description

This service will allow you to make a PDF file with the ability to select and search for text in this document from a regular PDF file containing text

  1. Select the PDF file, language for recognition, click Recognize
  2. Wait for the end of processing
  3. Click Download to download the finished PDF file

Why do you need to recognize text in PDF documents

  1. For digitizing documents consisting of pictures. Subsequently, the text can be transferred to a text document, for example DOC, DOCX, TXT.
  2. To add a text layer to a PDF document. This is useful for finding text, especially if the document consists of many pages.

How does the text recognition service work in PDF documents

The service tries to find and recognize text in a PDF document. If the program detects text, it overlays the text layer over the image. Thus, it becomes possible to search for text in a PDF document.

Before processing, you must select the recognition language. Currently supported languages: English, Russian.

Service benefits

  1. Allows you to recognize text in a PDF document online without installing additional programs.

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