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Service description

This service allows you to convert HTML files (as well as HTMLZ, ZIP) to TXT format

  1. Click the Select Files button and upload an HTML file, or an HTMLX archive, or a ZIP archive
  2. Wait for the end of processing
  3. The generated TXT file you can download

  • All converters are absolutely free. We do not charge you for using the service
  • There are no special restrictions on the number of downloads, etc.
  • Using the service is absolutely safe, we do not store any files that have been uploaded, files are automatically deleted after a certain time. Usually it is 1 hour
  • The site exists only thanks to your support. All donations go to pay for hosting.
  • Please support us. Thank you!

Why you need to convert HTML document to TXT format

To process only the text contained in the HTML document, you can open it in a text editor in TXT format.

How does the HTML to TXT conversion service work

The service first uploads an HTML document to the server (or archives of HTMLZ, ZIP sites), converts it to TXT and provides a link to download the finished file.

You can upload HTML in the following formats:

  1. HTML file (text file)
    One HTML file, links to CSS styles or images won't work. To include CSS, images, and other resources, use HTMLZ. To do this, all files must be packed into a ZIP archive.
  2. HTMLZ file (archive file)
    File containing an e-book saved in the HTMLZ format, which is a .ZIP file but with the ".htmlz" extension. Contains several files, including .HTML files, images, and a metadata.opf (.OPF) file. Used to pack the contents of e-books into a single archive.
    Archive structure: HTML file, CSS file, metadata.opf file, images/ directory for images.
  3. ZIP file (archive file).
    ZIP archive with the same file structure as HTMLZ

Service benefits

  1. Allows you to convert HTML documents to the TXT format without installing additional programs.
  2. Allows you to upload multiple files at once

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